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Odyssey in Diapers: Journey to the Cradle of Europe (2007)

Archaeologist Otto Benndorf headed several expeditions to Lycia in the 1880s. Elaborate illustrations of Homer’s epics were found on the stones of a burial site: the Heroon of Trysa is decorated with 200m of friezes and 600 figures. On a visit to Vienna in the 1990s, the Turkish Minister of Culture questioned whether the friezes were rightfully in Austrian hands. An investigation with Turkish specialists showed now after many years that the Heroon of Trysa is rightfully in Austria, because it respected all its agreements with the Osmanic Empire.


This extended version explores possible historical and psychological backgrounds of The Iliad and The Odyssey: Do monsters like the Chimera with 3 heads have their origin in infant perception? Did the Trojan War really happen? Is Odysseus a historical person? Or is he a figure in the tradition of the child-gods Indra and Mithra from the old Indian Rigveda? Is there a connection between our dependence on parents as infants and totalitarian theocratic ideas?


In German, Greek and Turkish with English subtitles. 

Odyssey in Diapers: Journey to the Cradle of Europe (2007)

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