Dragon Slayers: And How the Devil Entered Christianity (2009)

Spanning centuries, the mythical dragon occupies a significant role in a wide range of religious texts, from the ancient Indian Rigveda to the sacred book of the Maya. In such texts, various figures are called upon to slay these dragons. The Child-god Mithra, for instance, kills a dragon or snake, sacrifices himself in the shape of a bull and ascends to heaven, a story comparable to that of Jesus, who also sacrificed himself and ascended to his father’s side.


In "Dragon Slayers", filmmaker Petrus van der Let explores the parallels between ancient religions and Christianity. Drawing on both religious texts and modern-day reenactments, this film examines the roots of religious symbols and figures, particularly the image of the dragon and what this creature represents.


English subtitles. 

Dragon Slayers: And How the Devil Entered Christianity (2009)

  • Duration: 65 minutes

    Directed by Petrus van der Let


    Produced by Petrus van der Let Filmproduktion, Filmproduktion Benjamin Epp, Magda Wimmer, Artia Nova Film, Uj Budapest Filmstudio, DUNA TV, H, PLANET-TV, D, BRalpha, SKANDINAVIA-TV, DK, Filmfunds Lower Austria and Styria


    Along with "Gods with Pointed Caps", "Punch and Prophecy", and "Journey to the Cradle of Europe", "Dragon Slayers" (3rd part) forms a 4-part series on the origin of myths and religions in infant perception.  

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