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Distribution Request

You've completed your film and now you're looking for a distributor....

Complete the Distribution Request Form below and include a link to the full version of your film.

If you do not have it available for viewing electronically, you will be given an address to mail a DVD screener. 



At this point, we need to collaborate and make sure that IFN has all the materials it needs to distribute your film. Cover art, summary, critic reviews, awards, film trailer, etc.

Do you already have the film in an electronic format or do you need IFN to convert your DVD?


Review Process

All films must be reviewed prior to being distributed by International Film Network LLC.

Depending on the amount of submissions at any given time, the review period can range from one week to over a month. Films are reviewed in the order that they are received.

We thank you for your patience!


Closed Captioning

If your film is in a language other than English and has subtitles, you'll need to provide IFN with your subtitling file.

If your film is in English and does not have subtitles or closed captions already done, then this is the step where IFN will create the closed captioning file to adhere to FCC requirements. 


Distribution Agreement

If your film has been accepted upon going thru the review process, you will receive a distribution agreement via e-mail for your review.


We request the exclusive right for distribution via any secure digital format. You retain the exclusive right to distribute directly to consumers via DVD.


Film is Live


We've completed the process and you officially have a distributor!

Your film is live for rental and purchase!

Distribution Request
If a link to your film's screener is not available (i.e. only available in DVD format), please mention this below and an address will be provided for you to mail your screener. 

Thank you for your distribution request! Someone will be in touch soon.

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