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Who is International Film Network?

Premier Distributor

International Film Network (IFN) strives to be THE premier distributor of documentary and independent films.

The owner of IFN has 10+ years of working for National Film Network until it closed its doors in 2016 when its founder passed away. IFN was born a little over a year later as a result of being saddened by the disappearance of many valuable documentaries from the market.

Filmmakers are Family

At IFN, our filmmakers are treated as part of the family. We care about each and every one of our filmmakers and strive to build and keep a lifelong relationship.

We do not see our filmmakers as dollar signs. Instead, we see them as artists who have created valuable films that should be seen by the world! 

No Fake News

In today's age, we're surrounded by fake news. Be it on TV, on the internet, or from people's mouths. IFN wants to empower people by giving them access to the truth.

No fake news here!

IFN sees itself as providing a service to society, not as a business that only cares about dollar signs.

Providing knowledge to society is PRICELESS.

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