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Gods with Pointed Caps (2003)

Why do the oldest myths and religions all around the world resemble each other? Why do these myths continue to appear in contemporary art, films and fairy tales? Because many of these ancient myths reflect how a baby views the world, the answer to unlocking this mystery may be found in the modern psychology of the small child.


In "Gods with Pointed Caps", religious historian Harald Strohm embarks on an expedition that takes him to cave temples in West India and cult sites in eastern Anatolia. There he unveils, step by step, the history and character of two childlike gods, Indra and Mithra. In his quest, Strohm draws fascinating parallels between these ancient child-gods and the behavior and nature of children today. These revelations allow for a new understanding of the myths and religions that predated Christianity by more than fifteen hundred years--and at the same time, offer insight into the practices and beliefs still held by followers of today's religions.

Gods with Pointed Caps (2003)

  • Duration: 45 minutes

    Directed by Petrus van der Let & Harald Strohm


    Produced by Petrus van der Let Film Produktion and BR-alpha



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