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William Sloane Coffin: A Lover's Quarrel with America (2004)

For half a century, The Reverend Dr. William Sloane Coffin has stood as a force for progressive religion, social justice, and peace and sanity in place of war and nuclear madness. At a time when power tempts the U.S. to follow a foreign policy aimed at world domination, he speaks as a contemporary prophet in calling us "the listen to our better angels".


Bill Coffin addresses:

  • The ethics and politics of the war in Iraq and U.S. Middle East policy;
  • Current plans on the part of the U.S. to develop new nuclear weapons;
  • A National Security Strategy that would have the U.S. rule the world by force.


With characteristic eloquence and clarity, he reminds us:


"The axis of evil is not Iraq, North Korea, and Iran. A much more formidable trio is environmental degradation, pandemic poverty, and a world awash with weapons. It would be very good American policy, for the sake of our national security, to wage war against global poverty. If we waged war seriously against global poverty, it would be very hard to recruit new terrorists."


"We have a major responsibility to be faithful to God. Faith is a matter of being faithful, and faithful Jews, faithful Muslims, faithful Christians have a lot in common, and together, we could actually save the world."

William Sloane Coffin: A Lover's Quarrel with America (2004)

  • Duration: 27 minutes

    Directed by John Ankele & Anne Macksoud

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