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I Came to Palestine (2000)

In the 1930s young Jews from Germany and Eastern Europe emigrated to Palestine under the influence of the Zionist movement and helped to found the State of Israel. Displaced from the countries of their birth, they did not want to impose the same burden on Arabs.


As early as the 1940s and '50s, at a time when such activity was still regarded as treason, these men and women pushed for a peace agreement with the Palestinians. The recollections of these nonconformists provide a fresh perspective about a period of history of which very few people are aware.

This small group of leftist Jews disagree with the right wing of the Israeli government and favor a free Palestinian state. They equate the isolation and treatment of Arabs in Palestine as comparable to the mistreatment of any minority--like those persecuted in Nazi Germany. The stories of these men and women should serve as examples of compassion, tolerance and hope to nations all over the world.

In German with English Subtitles.

I Came to Palestine (2000)

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