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Epiphany: of Faith and Form (1966)

In December 1963, less than a month after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the parishioners of Epiphany Roman Catholic Church in New York City were dealt another emotional blow: their beloved place of worship was destroyed. A fire lit in the confessional led to the destruction of the nearly 100-year old building and tested the resolve, if not the faith, of all who worshiped there.


The events that followed the destruction of Epiphany church are the subject of this compelling film, a document of faith in a local community struggling to rebuild not only its church but its sense of self against the backdrop of ever evolving social, political and religious changes.

Epiphany: of Faith and Form (1966)

  • Duration: 55 minutes

    Directed by Gordon Hyatt

  • Where to Rent/Buy


    Please contact us if purchasing a DVD with Public Performance Rights. Price is $249.95 with PPR.

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