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Dixie Queen (2003)

The struggles of a 300 pound middle-aged drag queen living in the Bible Belt is a testament to the resiliency of the human spirit.


The life of a Southern drag queen isn't all wine and roses - just ask Wilmington, North Carolina's own Tara Nicole. Stereotypes of Southern hospitality and redneck homophobia meet in this very revealing exploration of a small-town farm boy who's grown up to become the "Bitch Goddess of the Port City". Through fabulous drag performances and interviews with family, friends, and fellow Southern drag queens like The Lady Bunny, "Dixie Queen" reveals the poignancy and perils of gay life and culture in the South.


WARNING: Contains explicit language. 


Dixie Queen (2003)

  • Duration: 47 minutes

    Directed by Miles Christian Daniels

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    Please contact us if purchasing a DVD with Public Performance Rights. Price is $249.95 with PPR.

  • Critic Reviews

    "The girls in 'Dixie Queen' are a whole different breed of steel magnolias." 



    "This film offers its real value as a slice of drag life and gay visibility in the small-town South." 



    "Entertaining. Informative. And, very humane." 

    — Michael Musto , THE VILLAGE VOICE 


    "'Dixie Queen' is a scrappy-yet-fascinating 45-minute documentary chronicling the drag scene in Wilmington, North Carolina, in all its gritty glory. "

    — THE STRANGER, Seattle, Washington


    "Bible thumping and homophobia seem to go hand-in-hand in 'Dixie Queen,' and the cast of Southern fried queens headlined by Tara Nicole and interviewed in Miles Christian Daniels' documentary have the psychological scars to prove it."

    — CREATIVE LOAFING, Atlanta, Georgia



    "‘Dixie Queen,’ a documentary about N.C. drag queens, is a royal good time." 

    —  Greg Marzullo , WASHINGTON BLADE


    "Like a quick touch up of a makeup brush, Miles Christian Daniels' "Dixie Queen" captures beautifully in a short amount of time the intimate lives of drag queens in Wilmington, NC. The primary focus of the documentary is the "Bitch Goddess of the Port City," Tara Nicole, who bravely gives a intimate look into her life, as Eddie from Beulaville, North Carolina, who faces homophobia over and over, to Tara Nicole, one of the most popular drag queens in Eastern North Carolina who overcame adversity to be proud of who she is.What I loved the most about "Dixie Queen" that finally, there is a movie that captures the strength, beauty, character, bonding and truth of what it is like to be a drag queen in the South and to go behind the scenes of the entertainment that people see on a weekly basis. My only complaint was it felt too short, and I hope to see more work from Miles Christian Daniels in the future about different aspects of the gay community. People within the film community should give this film a second look, and fans and peers of the drag community should endorse this film as a realistic glimpse into the unique lives of Tara Nicole and other southern Dixie Queens."

    — Bambi Weavil , OUTIMPACT.COM

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