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Water Marks (2002)

In October 1975 Roy Lowther was charged with murder for his wife, Pat, a gifted and renowned Canadian poet. At the time of her murder, Lowther's two young daughters, Chris and Beth, were only seven and nine.

In this film, the two women revisit the circumstances surrounding the violent death of their mother and try to make sense of their father's brutal act and its aftermath.


Among those interviewed in this film are Chris and Beth's half-sisters from both their parents' previous marriages, as well as Pat's former editor and colleagues. Interspersed with the interviews are renderings of several poems by Pat Lowther including "Child Child", "The Last Room". "To Capture Proteus", and the portentous "Notes From Furry Creek" and "Kitchen Murder".

The film concludes with the publications of Time Capsule, a collection of Lowther's unpublished poems that she was working on before her death.

Water Marks (2002)

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