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Unconventional Coverage: The Message & The Means (2001)

This award winning documentary is a blue-print for the modern protest movement, offering explanations on why this protest movement is different from past movements. Through interviews, action footage and commentary it gives the general public a clear understanding of why people had steadily taken to the streets in a protest movement that had been sweeping the globe since the 1999 anti-World Trade Organization events in Seattle, only to be crushed by the events on 9/11.


“Unconventional Coverage: The Message & The Means” is formatted into two half-hour segments. The first half-hour “The Message” concentrates on the multitude of messages set forth by a diverse group of protestors. In an attempt to down play the seriousness of the protests, the mainstream media consistently stated that the protestors had no message, this video proves otherwise. Doctors, anarchists, migrant farm workers, and mothers are just a few of the people who felt compelled to take their grievances and worries about the future of our nation to the streets during this historic event; the first major protest of a National Convention in over 30 years. Filmed during George W. Bush’s first nomination, the video is even more telling in retrospect as many of the protestors worries have indeed come to fruition.

The second half-hour “The Means” deals with the mechanisms that go into pulling off large-scale demonstrations including a look at civil disobedience/direct action, jail solidarity and the importance of Independent Media. The video also offers detailed information on the sorry state of health care in America, our problems with gun violence and our eroding rights to dissent.

Unconventional Coverage: The Message & The Means (2001)

  • Duration: 53 minutes

    Directed by Elizabeth Fiend and Valerie Keller

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