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Singing as a Path (2003)

Hilde Zadek was born in 1917 and grew up in Stettin. Though both her parents were patriotic Germans, everything changed for the Zadek family in 1933, as anti-Semitism swept across their homeland.


Fearful for their lives, they escaped to Palestine in 1939. In "Singing as a Path", the life story of this world-renowned opera star and remarkable woman is recounted by Zadek and the people who know her best--her friends, colleagues, critics, a fellow musicians.


Though her father was against her musical aspirations, Hilde knew she was meant to be a singer. Now well into her eighties, Zadek continues to share her musical gifts with the world, as the film follows her from her master classes in major cities around Europe. She also visits a Jerusalem hospital where she devoted herself to young children during her time in exile. Throughout her travels, Zadek laments the hatred that pervades the world and promotes pacifism.

Singing as a Path (2003)

  • Duration: 59 minutes

    Directed by Walter Wehmeyer


    Produced by Petrus van der Let, Artia Nova, Filmfund Vienna, CoBO-Fund, NIK-Media, WDR, ORF, 3sat, and BR-alpha. 

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