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Middle East: Trauma and Hopes of the Young (2004)

While the fragile relationship between Israel and Palestine remains highly explosive and unpredictable, promising initiatives of peace-making are taking place both in and outside of the Middle East. Among the most remarkable projects are Austrian summer camps that unite Jewish and Palestinian adolescents. And within Israel and Palestine, numerous psychologists and psychiatrists are working with adolescents to combat the horrors of the conflict.

This film depicts the efforts of adults and children who try to create an understanding between their people and establish peace-building incentives they can take with them.

In English, Hebrew, Arabic, and German with English subtitles.

Middle East: Trauma and Hopes of the Young (2004)

  • Duration: 64 minutes

    Directed by Walter Wehmeyer


    Produced by Petrus van der Let, ORF Film, 3sat, and bm:bwk

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