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Kumari: Living Goddess of Nepal (2005)

In Nepal an ancient tradition survives to this day. A young girl is chosen to become a goddess. She is taken from her family to live in a temple where people come to worship her and pray for good fortune.

In a country where females are regarded as second class citizens, the worshiping of a girl child could be seen as a positive role model, but modernizers are adamant that the tradition should be stopped as the young girls miss out on their family and school life and suffer serious psychological problems as a result.

"Kumari: Living Goddess of Nepal" looks at the life of three young goddesses and explores the debates for and against this unique tradition. A rich, visual and poetic documentary with extraordinary access to the goddesses and their families offering real insight into the only place in the world where girls are worshiped as living goddesses.

Kumari: Living Goddess of Nepal (2005)

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