I Can't Believe I Married a Lesbian (1998)

Stuart Perkin thought he knew everything about his wife, Sue. But after two years of marriage and ten years of friendship, intimacy and life experiences, the couple divorced when Sue announced she was a lesbian. In this film, Stuart documents a journey he made from Colorado to San Francisco, which took him into his past and back into the life of his ex-wife. Stuart's interviews with friends, family and Sue herself - ranging from the crass to the sublime - explore the reasons their relationship failed and how Stuart can move forward with his life.


"I Can't Belive I Married A Lesbian" is one man's story, but it addresses a growing contemporary dilemma: what happens when one partner leaves a marriage for someone of the same sex? Shot in the form of a visual diary, the film also explores the universal themes of love and loss, broken vows, and coming to terms with the end of a relationship.

WARNING: Contains explicit language.

I Can't Believe I Married a Lesbian (1998)

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