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Hitler Stole My Ideas (1995)

Using archive film material never seen before, this docu-drama draws a portrait of the man who gave Hitler his ideas. 


Adolf Lanz (1874-1954) was an imposter, ex-monk, woman-hater, self-acclaimed knight, Roman Catholic and creator of a doctrine whose murderous conclusions were put into action by his most prominent follower, Adolf Hitler. 


The Aryosophy of JörgLanz von Liebenfels also fascinated such personalities as August Strindberg and is re-emerging today in neo-Nazi and New Age publications. 


Hollywood verteran Leon Askin plays Adolf Lanz. Through original texts, he tells the life story of this man who felt Hitler had stolen his ideas. 

Hitler Stole My Ideas (1995)

  • Duration: 46 minutes

    Directed by Petrus van der Let

    Narrated by James Bellini

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  • Festivals

    • Awarded Special Mention - Film Festival Munich 1996
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