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Are You Happy? (2007)

This film takes us to the capital city of Iran, Tehran and Esfahan, a city famous for its historical monumental buildings and nuclear energy research.


The filmmaker set up his camera in the homes of Iranian families from different walks of life and asked them a simple question: "Are You Happy?" He let the camera roll as they described their lives, homes, relationships, careers and their understanding of what it means to be happy or seek happiness.

It is a documentary about today's Iranian people which takes us closer to their homes, daily lives and thoughts in a country that has been the center of interest for many It is a film filled with moments of great beauty, wit, sadness, and thankfully, a considerable amount of happiness!

In Persian with English Subtitles.

Are You Happy? (2007)

  • Duration: 51 minutes

    Directed by Ali Tamaddon

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    Ali Tamaddon was born in 1957 in Tehran, Iran. He studies Art for 2 years and received his A.A. degree at Laney College in Oakland, California. He then received a Bachelor of Art in Cinematography from the University of Art in Tehran and then studied Film Studies at Stockholm University. Ali made a 13 minute documentary named Jammed for his final project in Tehran. Ali worked many years as a freelance photographer and assistant director in Iran.

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