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A Letter from the Deep (2003)

"12 August 15:45 hours. It's dark and difficult to write, but I will try even though I can't see. We really have no chance any more. Perhaps less than 10 to 20 percent...But I hope someone will read this. My last greetings to everyone. Please don't despair."


With these words, carefully written down on a greasy piece of paper, Dmitry Kolesnikov bid his final farewell to his beloved wife Olga. Olga receives an excerpt of his letter from officials two months after the behemoth submarine "Kursk" of the Russian Navy sinks in the icy waters of the Barents Sea in August 2000. But the letter, found during a daring attempt to raise the bodies from the hull of the submarine, may contain more clues to how this seemingly invincible war machine perished so mysteriously and Olga starts her quest to find some answers to the tragedy that turned her life upside down.

In "A Letter from the Deep" we follow Olga during her year-long fight against the Russian military to obtain her husband's letter from the grave--a letter addressed to her--and her fight for the truth.

A Letter from the Deep (2003)

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