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A Border of Mirrors (2002)

The flow of Sicilian emigrants to Tunisia and Tunisian emigrants to Sicily has generated a wealth of stories for decades. Some are stories of cross-cultural integration, some are of animosity and hatred. Most are between the races--where the border between the Islamic world and the Western one is both evanescent and insurmountable. These are stories told that perfectly illustrate how globalization is both obsolete and unreachable.


"We seem to have forgotten about Italian emigration to Tunisia, that began at the end of the 19th century and that continued with alternating intensity until 1960. As often happened in the case of Sicilian fishermen, this emigration resulted in double nuclear families of people with one family in Sicily and another one in Tunisia." -Stefano Savona

In Italian and Arab with English Subtitles.

A Border of Mirrors (2002)

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